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Frequently Asked Questions

1. We have many years of experience during which we have repeatedly purchased products, communicated with suppliers and set up digital marketing strategies. We know what mistakes should not be made since we already made them a few years ago! Choosing a bad supplier and not properly solidifying your contract at the time of purchase is a big risk of wasting time and money. What we want to avoid is to supply your store with inferior products that will drive away your customers.

2. We have a proven and very pronounced taste for fashion, cosmetics and trends. We don’t miss a crumb of what’s going on on social networks, especially in “famous” circles. We’ll make sure your store doesn’t flop every time!

3. Our team is bilingual and quite familiar with American, English and French trends.

4. We love project management, the web and new technologies: “organize”, “evaluate”, “brainstorming”, are our favorite terms.

We will be more than happy to put our experience at your service!

Famous in Vogue provides lists of wholesalers, manufacturers, on-demand customized lists and assistance with sourcing and branding (one-to-one).

Sourcing” is a term often used in purchasing.  It designates an activity that focuses on the search, localization and evaluation of suppliers through criteria predefined by the buyer.

We are based in France, however our products and services are available worldwide.

Anyone can obtain a list by browsing the store part of our site. A list must be added to the cart, then click on the cart or go to the cart page to validate the order.

The suppliers mentioned on our lists are located in France, England, America and China. We always try to publish lists with an equal number of suppliers for each country. If a list contains only Chinese suppliers, this will be mentioned on the product page.

No, our suppliers do not come from Aliexpress and Wish. Aliexepress and Wish are platforms connecting resellers and individuals. They are B to C (Business to Customer) services. Our suppliers practice only wholesale prices and work only with companies (B to B service). Some will ask you to register on their site to have a visibility on their product range and sometimes even your company identification number and VAT number.

We cannot give you a price, this information is to be requested from the different suppliers.

Purchase assistance

The budget depends on the type of product, the quantity and quality required, as well as the MOQ imposed and the experience of the supplier. Therefore, we cannot give you a precise price without a minimum of information. However you can very well start with a budget of 300 € and integrate into your business or e-commerce a very small collection.

An MOQ or minimum order quantity is a term widely used by suppliers. It varies according to a supplier’s experience and skills. The MOQ imposes a minimum order quantity. For example, a supplier may ask a customer to order in batches of 6, 50, 100 or more. Some Chinese suppliers accept unit purchases.

It depends on the suppliers. U.S., English and French suppliers often ask for it when registering. Chinese suppliers will rarely ask for it for small orders.

In case the product you are interested in does not appear in our store, you can either send us your suggestion through the contact box, or order a personalized list that will be delivered only to you.

No worries. We have team members who have lived abroad and are bilingual. We can act as a bridge. You have to go through the purchasing assistance service.

We can serve as a gateway. It is necessary to go through the purchasing assistance service (wholesaler or manufacturer): please contact us.

Suppliers deliver anywhere in the world, but be aware that shipping costs vary by country and according to the supplier’s contracts. You must negotiate with the supplier.

 We accept the Euro and the dollar, if your currency is not one of these currencies, you may be charged a fee by your bank. In this case, we are not responsible for these actions.

If you wish to pay with another currency, please let us know via Facebook, Instagram, or via our contact box.

Problems and suggestions

In case of a technical problem like this one, you can contact us at any time so that we can send you your list. Please provide us with your order number beforehand.

If the product you are interested in does not appear in our store, you can either send us your suggestions through the contact box, or order a personalized list that will be personal to you.

In this case, please let us know your request via our contact box.

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